Who we do it for

OJO Solutions delivers services across a number of sectors. We develop technology strategies and navigate the tech landscape for our clients. Guiding our clients through the enormous range of solutions, supporting, managing, developing and technology that transforms your organisation.

In today’s ultra-competitive landscape, where consumers have endless choices of who they spend their money with, what they want and when they want it, organisations need to have the right technology that can handle the complexities of an omnichannel environment. The potential is huge.

Our experience is that many e-commerce based organisations are struggling to figure out what it all means and how to take these technological challenges and turn them into business opportunities. That’s where we can help. Whether it’s maximising the impact of smartphone and other mobile devices at point of sale, or developing a VR and AR offering, we develop digital solutions that enable e-commerce organisations to enhance the customer’s experience of products and services.

Clients we have worked with include: Apetito, Eccostove, your store, Yugen Explore, Playforce

The days when teachers and lecturers would teach a class with little more than a blackboard or an overhead projector, some chalk and a pile of text books are quickly being consigned to the history books. Education and learning today is very much in the hands of the students and technology is providing a way for learning to be more fun, immersive and collaborative.

Creating a fun, immersive and collaborative learning environment is key to all levels and types of education. Where students and academics can access online resources, share and interact. Creating social collaborative environments where students can engage together in the learning process and increasingly, at higher levels of education and in industry, engage with those in other institutions; whilst accessing resources anywhere, at any time and on any device.

We understand that within an environment where there is increasing competition between educational establishments to attract pupils and students, technology adoption and effective use could make the difference in terms of attracting the best calibre intake and the results achieved.

Clients we have worked with include: Pickwick Academy Trust, Corsham Primary School, ECOED, Blue Turtle Learning

When it comes to ‘disruption’, the finance sector leads the way. So much so that it even has its own sub-brand - FinTech. And over the last few years, the accelerating pace of technological change is having a dramatic impact upon the financial landscape and the customer experience/engagement with financial institutions.

From mobile apps and artificial intelligence (AI), to blockchain and robotics, finance organisations are increasingly looking to leverage technology to access customers and rapidly integrate their businesses. It is a challenge but one that can be easily overcome – with the right technology solutions partner in place.

Clients we have worked with include: United First Partners, Momentum Corporate Finance

According to figures, around 80 new start-ups an hour are launched in the UK each year, making this one of the fastest growing countries in the world for new businesses – second only to the US. But to be a truly innovative and disruptive start-up takes more than a good idea and a team of passionate people.

It takes the support of a team that is equally passionate about what they do and more important, they must have the industry and technology experience that can bring great ideas to life. Technology has the power and potential to make a significant impact on customers and users alike for years to come – this is precisely what our Innovation Lab seeks to achieve for our start-up partners. We work with them to co-create and co-develop the technology they need to drive their new entities forward.

Clients we have worked with include: Ecoed, Ninety Careers, Future Football